Coffee is equally poisonous 

When excessively consumed.

I promised that I’ll be 

Unwavering in the face of prejudice

But the anger waves 

Won’t let it be

In darkness I used to irk

Now my safest place

Where  i let out the anguish 

Buried within.

I racked my brain to justify

The cause of your actions 

But non does.

You had the choice of choosing any other

Soul but chose mine

To torture and scar for life.

I hope it completed you

Coz it broke me.

What hurts isn’t mostly the action but

The reason behind it.

Your own flesh and blood

Used for temporary satisfaction,

Not once but continually.

Did you ever think of about my

Psychological condition afterwards.

Oh I forgot its life.

It is what it is.

As politicians walk away with corruption

So does a brother walk away 

With rape coz after all 

We come from the same mother

And their is nothing much

To be done coz its no news

Its been there before and 

Y’all got over it.

But am not strong like you

My voice my last strength

Before I take my last breathe.