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I waited for a minute. The laughter from inside went quiet I could hear murmurs then someone getting up. As the footsteps approached the door, I was already at the gate I dropped the Somali sword inside the garbage pit and hailed a boda He dropped me at the CBD and honestly I was like […]

I can’t even remember how many times she had come home, late at night, crying and bloodied. And every time, she made excuses for him. Always going back, despite the endless body harm she was going through But this was over the counter She was all bloodied, her face unrecognizable This, apparently, was love We […]

The phone call was brief.  “Mama Shirleen, kimbia nyumbani..!” A mother knows when an emergency is an emergency.  I stopped what I was doing and hopped into a boda.  You know when you feel something running down your spine? That’s what I felt. A cold sensation spiraling down my whole body, leaving me senseless What […]

I can’t believe am doing this. I had promised myself I would bury this deep inside myself. Yet am furiously typing on my keyboard as if I have a deadline for my story for the evening news See, my dad sexually abused me. And not once. Or twice Actually, I got pregnant with him. And […]

Being hit by a woman makes me sound less of a man But Carol hit me, not once, or twice. And at first I brushed it as spur of the moment anger.  When it happened again, I realized things were running out of hand.  See, am not that kind of a guy who is confrontational. […]

Njambi* looks out the window. She has been silent for a few minutes now. The light afternoon drizzle is hitting the window, the rain water dripping down silently We are silent Eerily silent “You know, it was my mistake,” she suddenly turns and faces me after a long minute She quickly reads the surprise in […]

My mama told me everything would be ok. She was wrong I sensed the danger as soon as the rusty voices of the village elders pierced through the morning dew It was still pretty early. Way before the cocks began crowing, which had been the cue my mama had given me As the voices got […]

They came for me in the wee hours, in the small of the night I knew what they were planning. But nobody had hinted they would knock at our door at the crack of ungodly hours Caught unawares, I didn’t fight back. Ok, I tried but they overpowered me. About 6 able bodied women. My […]

The casket didn’t seem as heavy, though I wondered if coupled by guilt,Sadness and betrayal made it heavier for the coffin bearers to carry. I wondered at what point the little girl in the casket had decided that she didn’t want to dream anymore. That she just wanted the nightmares to stop. For nights to […]