I’m drifted, 

The original composition of her,

The one who fought mostly 

On her knees now behind words

Piriton to sleep and

Alcohol to not disappoint.


I guess its easy to

Call out shots and juggle about depression

Ignoring its magnitude

Though too compromised whether

To keep holding my breathe

Or give in to suffocation.***


Explanation seems easy 

But the clarity of who cares and who doesn’t***

Tried to them that i thought cared 

Only to end up more hurt and alone

Suicide sounds much better 

Than opening up 

Coz at the end of it all

The only person that gat you good is you.


As music goes silent

Laughs turns mute

Lights goes dark

To only remain with self

No advise, no comfort

No scolding, no responsibilities

Just you.


The broken you

Weary you

Embarrassed you

Violated you and

The Lonely you.


Its said difficult times introduce

Real friends to you

Lets say I gat none.