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Underage girls in Pokot are taking the bull by the horns. Well, literally With the campaign to abolish FGM in Kenya in hot gear, minors in the semi-arid areas in Pokot are circumcising each other Without any experience, painkillers or the hubris that accompany such ceremonies, young girls are giving in to social pressure from […]

Mzee Kipkurgut’s face is pinched in sorrow He knows meeting his daughter is going to be difficult. But it has to be done. It must be done Dorcas, now 28 years, has received a scholarship to study medicine for her master’s degree in Melbourne, Australia. And Mzee Kipkurgut must bless her before her departure. It […]

At her age, 17-year old Chepserem considers herself shrewd. Maybe it is her smart phone which she can’t keep out of her sight. Or the fact that she studies in a fancy private school 67 miles away in Kaptagat Whatever the reason she knows all about female genital mutilation. She has heard her aunties talk […]