We are creating important perspectives within digital rights work that are key to creating more radical access, inclusion and implementation of tech tools that our movements desperately need

This means developing spaces where we can have very radical, feminist, decolonial conversations about our rights and lives on the internet even in spaces that are supposedly talking about the intersection between human rights and technology

Diversity & Equity

Young girls/women are hindered by archaic cultures that stop them from realizing their dreams. This has threatened their individual capacities, clogged their power to amplify their voices and lost opportunities to participate in community involvement

Creating Safe Spaces

Such spaces will provide a “sanctuary" for young people to explore their feelings, share experiences, engage creatively and build essential and empowering life skills.

They will increase protective factors (e.g. having access to a mentor, an expanded network of friends, new skills and knowledge) and decrease risk factors (e.g. social isolation, exposure to violence, etc.) that youth experience in their daily lives.

Gender Equity & Social Inclusion

Realizing the myriad barriers limiting young girls/women chances to achieve their goals, we equip marginalized participants with relevant skill-sets to enable them identify their capacities

Economic Opportunity

As much as young people represent a bubble of energy and zeal, most still lack from unlocked economic opportunities, denying them the chance to earn decent livings. We ensure we provide them with the necessary skills, training and knowledge to achieve economic security and independence

Social change communication

Develop social change communication strategies that will help participants trigger change in their communities

We will develop the skills sets of young people, build their resource databases and increase their individual knowledge as effective change makers