About us

Who we are

Marginalized girls and women in Kenya continue to be isolated by patriarchy and societal bottlenecks that hold them back from achieving their potential. Fighting for body, health rights and economic empowerment is one of the priorities for the modern woman.

By targeting marginalized groups – refugees, people with disabilities and young people from urban slums – we seek to amplify their voices, create safe spaces, strengthen their resolve and empower them with the skills and resources they need to confront social issues.


Our activities are anchored in the three pillars that facilitate social change:

SHE Empowers:

To equip women with the necessary tools and resources to enable them overcome challenges facing them.

SHE Advocates:

To develop education and learning resources that will convert women into grassroots based advocates ready to campaign for policy changes.

SHE Provokes:

To facilitate social change communication that will provoke conversations on thorny issues among communities and community gatekeepers


“Redefining the girl child movement has always been my passion. I have seen what young girls go through as they navigate their lives. Fighting through deeply entrenched cultural stereotypes. Struggling to remain in the education system. Its pretty hard. But that's why I want to chart a way out for them…"

                                                                         -Muthoni Kamau

“As a creative, I keep looking for new ideas that will help young girls strengthen their voices. By developing safe space platforms, our activities ensure girls develop their self esteem and start the journey towards realizing their dreams…"

                                                               –Ella May


“I have seen young women rise from the bottom to providing alternative solutions in my community. By shaking the status quo, I believe women can comfortably fill leadership positions in their families and communities, with tremendous success. Am helping them realize their potential. And the future looks bright…"                                                                                             –Mercy Nangaki

“A digital world that is truly the one that we deserve: where we have more than our rights; we also have the pleasure to enjoy our identities, practice our sexualities, meet new people, access information and make informed decisions about risks and pleasure.."

                                                          -Nelly Chepkemoi